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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A New Commer~Blogger


Seeing a few of my frens blogs make me feels to create a blog for myself too!! Actually, dulu aku tak terase pown nk create blog...sbb...what is a blog for?? An online diary? Why you wanna let the others know what is there in ur mind?? Just keep it for urself!!~~Well...dats d old me...but now i guess, it must be wonderful if u could share ur happy and sad moment wif ur fellow frens or might be the anonymous readers...u might get some advice for ur sad moments other than getting somebody to b jealous wif u by ur happy moments!! Ahakahak!! So now....i'm creating a blog....lgpn, diz is a way for me to release my tension. And writing used to be a way for me to sharpen my mind and getting new ideas....xksahla idea untuk ape.....mase skolah dulu aku ade diary tau!!hehe...skang da buang pg mane tah. Okeyla...to all readers and my fellow frens!!!This is my 1st post actually....i am promising u dat i will share wif u any valuable moment dat i have experienced in here starting from this day!!!

p/s: maafkan kesalahan bahase/ejaan/grammar gue yek...hehehe...sgt suke menulis in rojak language!!


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